98ex2 - Student name AGR 3303 Genetics(149 pts total 2 Nov...

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Student name ____________________________ (149 pts total) AGR 3303 - Genetics 2 Nov 1998 University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale Exam #2: MOLECULAR GENETICS Multiple choice (88 pts.) Please read these carefully . One and only one response (a, b, c, d, or e) completely and correctly answers the question, or completes the statement. Circle the appropriate response and turn in this exam. Make sure your circle is unambiguous. 1. What can you say about an organism with the following base composition? A (adenine)=23% T (thymine)=24% G (guanine)=17% C (cytosine)=16% a Its genetic material is probably double-stranded RNA b This organism has collinearity between the pyrimidines and the purines c This is mitochondrial DNA d This organism must have single-stranded DNA e None of the above is compatible with the evidence 2. Which of the following is a nucleotide of DNA: a deoxyribose + thymine + phosphate group b deoxyribose + nitrogenous base c ribose + pyrimidine + phosphate group d deoxyribose + uracil + phosphate group e none of the above 3. What molecule is transcribed from the DNA template, is single stranded, is typically a large molecule, and has a short half-life (high turnover)? a ribosome b enzyme c polypeptide d all of the above e none of the above 4. Based on the Watson-Crick model of the double helix: a DNA is proven to be the molecule of life b structure reveals function c the mitochondrion is an ancient cell invader d all of the above e none of the above 5. What has molecular biology added to the knowledge of genetics
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Page 2/9 a proof that genes are located in the chromosomes b proof that both the female and the male parent contribute to the characteristics of the offspring c proof of epigenesis d proof of the inheritance of acquired characteristics e proof that genes are made of chemicals 6. The normal human metabolic pathway makes substance Z from substance X, as shown below. If both Enzyme A and B were functional, what would be the most probable consequence? Enzyme A Enzyme B X Y Z a Substance Y would accumulate in the body b Substance X would accumulate in the body c Enzyme B would accumulate in the body d Enzyme A would not be produced e Enzyme B would go ahead and complete the synthesis of Z 7. Frameshift mutations are observed because: a The DNA code is commaless b The DNA code has stop codons c The DNA code is a triplet d All of the above e None of the above 8. Human insulin can be produced by bacteria, using human DNA, thus: a human DNA is a transforming principal b the DNA contains S, not P c there is base pair complementarity d DNA is a double helix e bacteria are endosymbionts of people 9. Which statement is true of the double helix? a.
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98ex2 - Student name AGR 3303 Genetics(149 pts total 2 Nov...

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