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iclicker registration - properly Once you have voted on a...

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I>clicker registration: You are required to purchase an i>clicker remote for in-class participation. I>clicker is a response system that allows you to respond to questions I pose during class; you will be graded on that feedback and/or participation. Each clicker has a unique serial number on the back of the remote. Place a piece of scotch tape over that bar code and ID to preserve it. In order to receive credit for your votes, you will need to register your i>clicker remote online by January 19, 2011. You must have come to class and voted at least once in order to complete this registration
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Unformatted text preview: properly. Once you have voted on a question in my class, go to www.iclicker.com/registration . Complete the fields with your first name, last name, student id and remote id. Your student id is 7 numbers from your UCF PID. The remote id is the series of number and sometimes letters found on the bottom of the back of your i>clicker remote. I>clicker will be used everyday in the class and you are responsible for bringing your remote daily....
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