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PHY 2048: Physics for Scientists & Engineers I Section H, Spring 2011 MWF 9:30 – 10:20, MAP 306 Instructor: Dr. Saiful Khondaker Office Hours: M 10.30-11:30 am, W 2.30 - 4.20 pm (other times by appointment) Office: PSB 352/ PVL432, Phone: (407) 864-5054 Email: [email protected] Webpage: Textbook: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett. 8 th Edition, Vol.1. A web-assign homework access card and i-clicker must be purchased (unless you already have it). Course Objectives and Expectations: PHY 2048 is the first of a two-semester introductory physics course. The primary objective of this course is to prepare students with fundamental knowledge of physics and obtain skills necessary for higher science and engineering courses. The course uses algebra, trigonometry, and basic calculus concepts. An adequate preparation in basic mathematics is essential for a proper understanding of the course materials. The course is quite intense, and it will require you to invest considerable amount of time in study and problem solving. To obtain maximum benefit from this course you should read the material before and after it is covered in class. It is very difficult to catch up if you fall behind. Class attendance is very important since some of the exam questions will be drawn from the class lectures,
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syllabus_2048H - PHY 2048 Physics for Scientists Engineers...

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