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MidtermGrading - Midterm grading scheme Problem 1.1 2-3...

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Midterm grading scheme Problem 1.1: 2-3 points - the name and explanation of each of the four elements of the naming model. Problem 1.2: 15 points : the three components for modular sharing: the context and its structure, the objects (procedures), and the links from the contexts to the objects and other contexts. 10 points : how names are resolved. Problem 2.1: 5 points - the inode table is stored on the persistent storage and consists of pairs(an integer identifying an inode, disk bloc where the inode is located) Problem 2.2 : 4 points - the first step for an OPEN is to locate the inode for the file and that this is a process which requires parsing the file name and then a recursive search starting at the inode of the root of the file system for successive directories until the directory where the file is located is found. 4 points - once the inode of the file is found then the “mode” is checked to see if the request should be granted and if so transfer the information from the inode to the
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