PresentationSchedule - Jordan Eberst, Drew Hanson. March...

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Week Journal Paper Students presenting the paper January 17-21 JP1 Brian Tran, Jorge Rivas, Danielle Judd, Matt Kokidko January 24-29 JP2 Diego Velasquez, Elroy Ashtian, Mark Whylie, Travis McVey, Ishmael Davies, Drem Darios February 1- 4 JP3 Chris Rees, Nick Gomez, Josh Burbridge, Robert Higginbotham, Hector Rodriguez, Chris Sosa, Brian Hernandez February 7-11 JP4 Josh Haley, Jeff Mason, Britt Philips, Michael Lopez, Zeyad Zainal, Michael Galetti. February 14-18 JP6 Adam Smith, Peter Tonner, Rodrigo Groppa, February 21-25 JP7 Daniel Franz, Lisa Soros, Denis Kilgore, Kyle Brown, Lindsay Romano, Charles Newton,
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Unformatted text preview: Jordan Eberst, Drew Hanson. March 1-4 JP8 Brian Clark, Eric Tryon, Steven Harrison, Brent Miller, Michael Scherer, Christopher McKeowen March 14 -18 JP9 Felipe Bernal, Isabel Virag, Marcus Vinson, Kavin Capers, Manuel Arredondo March 21-24 JP10 Ben Gamble, Jason Bender, Michael Clavo, Jeffry Corbell, Garret Lundt March 28-31 JP11 Yazen Ghannam, Jordan Deveroux, Tsu-Wei Kuo, Pierre LaBorde, Imran Ali April 4-8 JP12 Jordan Acedera, Karl Banks, Justin Augspurger, Ithmael Davis April 11-15 JP13 Timothy Goldberg, Dan Sink, Erin Collins, Tony Luaders...
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PresentationSchedule - Jordan Eberst, Drew Hanson. March...

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