Homework assignment 2 (Attention and Memory)

Homework assignment 2 (Attention and Memory) - CONSUMER...

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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Exercise 2: Attention and Memory Due: Tues. 9/04 Based up on the criteria cited throughout our readings, I would assume the Marriott Suites ad possessed the highest recall score of the two advertisements. I came to this decision primarily through the 10 concepts presented in reading number 6. Philip Sawyer’s article titled “Ads that Win vs. Ads that Work” pinpointed 10 guidelines of which to follow when creating a effective advertisement. Keeping it simple, expressing what the product does for the consumer, having sex as a selling point, incorporating celebs, using vivid color and bold lettering, positioning, not being ambiguous, contrasting, using animals and children, and making text as inviting as possible are all of the guidelines set forth in the article. I believe the Hyatt advertisement falls short in two particular areas. First, their message “Who’d have thought you’d have to send a fax with no pants on” is quite ambiguous to the average consumer. I don’t believe this introduction would encourage readers to continue reading
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Homework assignment 2 (Attention and Memory) - CONSUMER...

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