ClassOverview - Process Coordination in Service and...

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Process Coordination in Service and Computational Grids Dan C. Marinescu Computer Science Department Rationale The idea of Network Centric computing has been floating around for years; the appeal of information grids, namely the ability to share computational services and resources and to encourage collaborative efforts has been recognized for some time. The course addresses a host of problems critical for building a semantic Web around the Internet. This Semantic Web would support the execution of complex tasks consisting of multiple activities, the so-called workflows. The infrastructure consisting of the Internet, the computer systems connected to it, and the services offered by autonomous service providers in this semantic Web are often called computational, data, and service grids. Outline I. Introduction to Internet-based Workflows (1 week) a. Enabling Technologies b. Nomadic, Network-Centric, and Network-Aware Computing c. Information Grids; the Semantic Web d. Informal Introduction to Workflows
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ClassOverview - Process Coordination in Service and...

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