LaTonia Williamson Midterm Summary

LaTonia Williamson Midterm Summary - LaTonia Williamson...

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Unformatted text preview: LaTonia Williamson Midterm Summary Throughout the first five week of class, we have discussed many different subjects from the New World Order, the European balance of power and the Cold War during week one to US national interest and foreign policy in week two. During the first week I learned what the NWO is and how they want total and full control over the economy, the citizens, political process, religion and everything else. It is impossible to control every single thing that every single person thinks, says, feels or believes in. I also learned about the destabilization of the balance of power system and that it occurs when the two points of power struggle of disagree on how to establish their own identity. I think that the first two weeks topics that we discussed set the pace for the remainder of the course. In the first week alone, my eyes were open to many different viewpoints and opinions as to how other countries view the United States. I also enjoy the interactions from other classmates during our weekly threaded discussions. In week three, we discussed the United States involvement with Vietnam, Guerrilla warfare, and National Security. We also discussed what Détente was and how does it differed from Entente....
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LaTonia Williamson Midterm Summary - LaTonia Williamson...

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