LaTonia Williamson midterm

LaTonia Williamson midterm - L atonia Williamson How...

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Latonia Williamson How Development leads to Democracy Article Summary Modernization is a syndrome of social changes linked to industrialization. Modernization helps make democracy more likely because it tends to penetrate all aspects of life, bringing occupational specialization, urbanization, rising educational levels, rising life expectancy and rapid economic growth. I think that the article has several main ideas. The first main idea would be how important modernization is for democracy and how the trend toward democracy has always came in surges and declines. But not everyone agrees with the views on democracy and modernization. One of the great debates is that the abolition of private property would put an end to exploitation, inequality and conflict. I think that with these debates going on it makes the argument for modernization more livid. Modernization implies that the United States should welcome and encourage economic development around the world. Modernization theory has many positive implications for US foreign policy. Since it is supported by a large body of evidence, it points to the conclusion that economic development is a basic driver of democratic change. Washington should do what it can to encourage development and help move
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LaTonia Williamson midterm - L atonia Williamson How...

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