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LaTonia Williamson Resarch paper part 1

LaTonia Williamson Resarch paper part 1 - statistics I will...

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Page 1 LaTonia Williamson HIV/AIDS virus has been a growing epidemic since the 1980s. Millions of people have been affected by the disease and millions have died from the disease. Many people have wondered is there a cure for this deadly, rapidly growing disease. There have been different rumors of cures in Africa, of there being an expensive, secret cure, and there being a cure available only to certain individuals. I plan to do my research on the mysterious cure for HIV/AIDS virus. I will research various newspaper and magazine articles for. I will explore different books and websites for background information on the virus. My main research question will be is there a cure for HIV/AIDS virus. I will also questions relating to the background information of the HIV/AIDS background such; what is the virus, how did it start, where did it come from, what are the effects, and what are some of the
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Unformatted text preview: statistics. I will discuss the different theories about the cure. I will answer questions about the different antibiotics given to those infected by the disease such as; whether any of the antibiotics are considered cures and what do the antibiotics help if they are not cures. I will conclude about how one can protect themselves from the HIV/AIDS virus. The main objective for my research paper is to inform myself and other people about this virus. To discuss possible cure and how possibly this rapidly growing virus can be slowed down. I hope to gain much knowledge form this paper so that I can spread the knowledge to those who may be affected and those who are not affected. I hope that my research can inform myself enough that I am able to learn how to help find a cure for the HIV/AIDS virus....
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