f00u1vocab - VOCABULARY Agricultural pollution pollution...

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©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY VOCABULARY FALL 2000 24 VOCABULARY Agricultural pollution - pollution from rural areas where few people live Algae - a general term for small, chlorophyll-containing plants such as seaweed or pond scum Ammonia - a colorless, pungent gas composed of nitrogen and hydrogen from animal waste Aquatic – living or growing in water Aquifer – an underground water system made of porous rock and sand Atmospheric Pollution - pollution from small particles that are carried in the air Chemical Pollution - pollution that is usually caused by improper disposing of poisonous materials Condensation – when water vapor (gaseous water) forms droplets of water in the atmosphere, making clouds. The change in water from gas to liquid form. Confining layer - a place in the aquifer where impermeable rock covers permeable rock Ecology - the study of how living things relate to the environment Ecosystem – a natural unit of living and non-living parts that interact to produce a stable system Evaporation – the change in water from liquid to gas Eutrophication - When large amounts of nutrients enter the water and cause an increase in the amount of oxygen Exotic Plant – A plant that is transported from its place of origin and introduced
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f00u1vocab - VOCABULARY Agricultural pollution pollution...

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