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©P ROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY SPRING 2000 97 ACOUSTICAL OCEANOGRAPHY Unit 2. Lesson 6. Recording Sounds From Wild Marine Mammals Lesson Objectives: Students will gain an understanding of the technology used by researchers to study underwater sound. Students might want to explore the internet books to learn more about acoustic oceanography. Vocabulary Words: hydrophone, SOSUS There are good reasons for improving our understanding of the way in which marine mammals communicate and navigate. Biologists and researchers are accomplishing this task using recordings of animals in the wild and in aquaria around the world. Collecting sounds from underwater is a huge task, and many techniques are being used (hydrophones, arrays and more). Computer models and further mammalian studies are being used to interpret the meaning of the sounds collected. Problems Researchers Face Recording sounds from marine mammals is not an easy task. There are four problems that all researchers face in doing so: X Determine which animals make sound X How to make accurate recordings X Finding the animals X How to make a quality recording of a moving animal The marine environment provides a difficult environment because it is wet! Instruments must be able to withstand the water and be leak proof. In addition, the instruments must be able to withstand the effects of salinity, temperature, pressure, and motion. At the same time, they must be very sensitive and able to clearly record both high and low frequencies.
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©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY SPRING 2000 98 A COUSTIC O CEANOGRAPHY Tools Developed to Solve Recording Problems The recording of marine mammal sounds occurred purely by accident. During World War 1 (1914-1918), Sir William Henry Bragg developed the hydrophone . The hydrophone is an instrument that was developed to ‘hear’ enemy submarines. Additionally, the hydrophone detected marine mammal sounds underwater. This was a very pleasant surprise to researchers around the world.
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f00u2le6 - ACOUSTICAL OCEANOGRAPHY Unit 2. Lesson 6....

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