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Unformatted text preview: ©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY SPRING 2000 102 VOCABULARY Vocabulary for Unit 3 acoustics: the study of sound amplitude : in a wave, the distance from the resting position to either the crest or the trough. ARGOS: a satellite system used solely for environmental monitoring. It monitors approximately 3,000 buoys, moorings and floating arrays worldwide. autonomous: independent blast trauma: the reaction or effect on an organism to an explosion with a strong shock wave quickly carrying much energy through the water, followed by a rarefaction wave with pressure below the ambient level buoy: an anchored float used as a marker or as a mooring Carnivora: class of meat or flesh eating animals Cetacea: an order of aquatic animals that chiefly contains marine mammals, including the whales and dolphins compressional wave : a wave that vibrates in the same direction in which the wave is traveling cognition: the act or process of knowing, perception crest: in waves, the highest point of a wave CTD: an instrument commonly used to measure the conductivity, temperature and depth of the ocean echolocation: a method of locating objects by determining the time for an echo to return and the direction from which it returns, as by radar or sonar. frequency: the number of waves that pass a point during one second, expressed as hertz hertz : the unit of measure for frequency, abbreviated Hz and the units are 1/sec hydrophone:...
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f00u2vocab - ©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY SPRING 2000 102...

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