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Unit Six SSWIMS/Plankton Project Oceanography Fall 2001 119 For The Teacher SSWIMS: Presents Plankton Lesson Objectives: The program provides students with an integrated biology/physics unit on plankton aligned with National and California State Content Standards. SSWIMS Overview The SSWIMS program is based on the concept that science disciplines – physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and earth and space science – are all inter-related. They can be better understood by elementary and secondary school teachers and students when they are woven into an integrated standards- based curriculum using a common theme. An environmental theme provides a compelling reason for students to develop a sense of stewardship about their natural world, particularly when these connections are fostered in asystematic and comprehensive way. Students everywhere are fascinated with the ocean and its inhabitants, and the marine environment provides an effective integrative theme. Plankton as an Appropriate Standards Topic Inside this packet are activities designed for educators on all levels to show what you can accomplish using plankton as a vehicle in education. By using these lessons educators can meet content standards (national or state). Students can learn about the physics, chemistry and biology of the ocean by using “plankton” as a common theme. Because Los Angeles is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, this program presents oceanic plankton, but the information also applies to freshwater plankton. Plankton was chosen as a vehicle for a number of reasons. First, plankton are abundant in almost all bodies of water on Earth, both freshwater and marine. Plankton are a basis for almost all aquatic food webs, yet
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f01u6refs - Unit Six SSWIMS/Plankton For The Teacher SSWIMS...

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