f99u2vocab - VOCABULARY Vocabulary absorption: to soak up,...

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©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY FALL 1999 FISH ECOLOGY 78 VOCABULARY Vocabulary absorption : to soak up, to take in and assimilate; incorporate. abyssal plain : flat, gently sloping or nearly level region of the seafloor. abyssal and abyssal (pelagic) zone : pertaining to the portion of the ocean between 2,000 and 4,000m active response : a reaction to an event. For example, a predator attacking its prey when it needs to eat. aerial vision : the ability for some fish to see out or above the water surface as well as below the surface. appendage : a limb or other subsidiary part that diverges from the central body or structure. baleen : the bones in a whales mouth that are used for straining plankton and krill from the ocean. bathyal and bathypelagic zone : refers to organisms or phenomena at depths between about 200 and 4000m, on the sea bottom. beak-like : narrow and pointed like a beak on a bird. benthic : of or pertaining to the bottom. Another word for bottom – benthos. biotic : pertaining to life or living beings. bycatch : fish caught in a net that are not the desired catch. Correct terminology is regulatory discards. canine : of or pertaining to any of the four single-cusped, pointed teeth, esp. prominent in dogs, situated in the upper and lower jaws
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©PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY FALL 1999 FISH ECOLOGY 79 VOCABULARY coast : the land next to the sea; seashore. carbon dioxide : a colorless, odorless gas present in the atmosphere and formed during respiration. carnivore : an animal that eat flesh, other meats cartilage : more flexible than bone, but strong enough to support a fishes body. Firm, elastic, whitish connective tissue. compressed : flattened, pressed together. caudal : of, at, or near the tail end of the body, tail-like. cod-end : the end of a towed net that plankton are rinsed off the net into, usually make of plastic or PVC material. consumer : an organism usually an animal that feed on plants or other animals. continental margin : zone between continental land and deep-sea floor; consists of continental shelf, slope, rise, and borderland. continental rise : gentle slope with a generally smooth surface rising toward the foot of the continental slope continental shelf : the area adjacent (next) to a continent or around an island, usually extending from the low-water line to the depth at which the slope increases steeply. continental slope
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f99u2vocab - VOCABULARY Vocabulary absorption: to soak up,...

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