f99u3vocab - VOCABULARY Vocabulary Algae Small plants that...

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© PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY VOCABULARY 120 V OCABULARY Vocabulary Algae - Small plants that often grow in water or in damp areas. Antarctic Circle -Line of latitude at 66 ο 32’ south. Along this line there are 24 hours of daylight on Midsummer Day and 24 hours of darkness on Midwinter Day. Antarctic Convergence - An irregular ocean ring that surrounds Antarctica. In this zone, the cold bottom waters from the southern ocean converge with (meet) warmer bottom waters from oceans to the north. This convergence brings nutrients (foods) to the surface. Antarctic Divergence- the zone of divergence separating the westward flowing East Wind Drift and the easterly flowing West Wind Drift. Antarctic Ocean - General term given to the seas surrounding the continent of Antarctica. Atmosphere -The layer of gases surrounding the rocks and seas of the earth. Baleen - The rows of thin, flexible strips in the jaw of a toothless whale that allow it to sift small animals out of seawater. Blizzard - Blinding snow storm, especially one where powdery snow is swept up from the ground by a high wind. Blubber - A thick layer of fat on a whale, seal, or penguin. Calving - The separation of a piece of ice from a larger ice mass to form an iceberg. Carbon Dioxide - (CO2): A gas that is naturally found in the air. CO2 also comes from burning wood, from running vehicles on gasoline, and from exhaling.
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© PROJECT OCEANOGRAPHY VOCABULARY 121 V OCABULARY Chlorofluorocarbons - (CFC's) Chemicals made up of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon Gases used as coolants in refrigerators and air conditioners, and as foaming agents for insulation and food packaging. In the upper atmosphere, chlorine from CFC's destroys ozone that protects life on earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Use of CFC's as propellant gases in aerosol cans has been halted in most nations, and there are international agreements to further reduce CFC production. Climate - The average long-term atmospheric conditions, including temperature, wind, and precipitation, that prevail in a particular place. Climates of small areas- like the north side of a tree trunk-are called microclimates. Conservation - To protect what is good, to preserve a resource from damage by exploitation. Continental Drift
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f99u3vocab - VOCABULARY Vocabulary Algae Small plants that...

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