om_6 - ©1998 Project Oceanography Spring Series Ocean in...

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Unformatted text preview: ©1998 Project Oceanography Spring Series Ocean in Motion 1 Ocean in Motion 6: How does the Ocean Change Weather and Climate? A. Overview 1. The Ocean in Motion -- Weather and Climate In this program we will tie together ideas from previous lectures on ocean circulation. The students will also learn about the similarities and interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean. 2. Contents of Packet Your packet contains the following activities: I. A Sea of Words B. Program Preparation 1. Focus Points O The oceans and the atmosphere are closely linked 1. the sun heats the atmosphere as well as the oceans 2. water evaporates from the ocean into the atmosphere a. forms clouds and precipitation b. movement of any fluid (gas or liquid) due to heating creates convective currents O Weather and climate are two different things. 1. Winds a. Uneven heating and cooling of the atmosphere creates wind b. Global ocean surface current patterns are similar to global surface wind patterns c. wind patterns are analogous to ocean currents 2. Four seasons O Atmospheric motion 1. weather and air moves from high to low pressure areas 2. the earth's rotation also influences air and weather patterns 3. Atmospheric winds move surface ocean currents. ©1998 Project Oceanography Spring Series...
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om_6 - ©1998 Project Oceanography Spring Series Ocean in...

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