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s00u3tc - Building a Wetland pg 24 Activity III-1B Shells...

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Teacher Information: T his material is background information for teachers. This should be read and discussed with students before video presentation. Student Information Sheets: This is background material for students. They should be copied and given to students before video presentation. Activities should be done as follow up after program. Questions should be discussed after the show. Table of Contents Table of Contents Weedon Island Biographies pg . 11 Year of the Ocean Acknowledgements Year of the Ocean Packet Contents pg. 12 Unit III Weedon Island pg. 14 What is Weedon Island? History of Weedon Island Future of Weedon Island Special Activity –Ecoventures pg. 16 Unit III Weedon Island pg. 19 Lesson I- Weedon Island - Land . 19 What are Mangroves? pg . 19 Mangrove Forest of Weedon Island Other Vegetation at Weedon Island Viewing the Inhabitants of Weedon Island Activities
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Unformatted text preview: Building a Wetland pg. 24 Activity III-1B. Shells for Tools and Cooking. pg. 25 Activity III-1C. Native or Exotic pg 25 Student Information Sheet Lesson I pg. 27 Lesson II: Weedon Island - Air pg. 29 P l u m a g e pg. 29 S e n s e s pg. 33 L i f e H i s t o r y p g. 34 Adaptations Threats to birds at Weedon Island Activities Activity III-2A. Bird Words pg. 36 Activity III-2B. A Wonderful Bird Story pg. 38 Activity III-2C. Pelican Research Activity III-2D. Program Adaptations and Structure Student Information Sheet II pg. 39 Lesson III. Weedon Island Sea p g. 41 The Nitrogen Cycle p g. 41 Biological Filters pg. 42 P o l l u t i o n S o u r c e s pg. 46 S a l i n i t y pg. 47 Activities Activity III-3A. Waterfront Property pg. 50 Activity III-3B. Water Quality Station pg. 52 Activity III-3C.The Nitrogen Cycle pg. 53 Student Information Sheet Lesson III pg. 54 References pg. 74...
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