scallop_1 - ~ A scallop is a member of the class Bivalvia....

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~ scallops are commercially important. All members of the superfanLily Pectinacea are considered scallops. There have been aplJ'roximately 7,000 species and subspecies named within the superfanlily Pectinacea. (This is however, greatly in need of revision). Scallops are found throughout the marllLe environment, from the tropics to the poles, from the intertidal zone down to 3,000 meters, ttlough most are found inshore. The Pectinidae are believed to have evolved around 230 million years ago! A scallop is a member of the class Bivalvia. In order to be a member of the class bivalvia an organism must be laterally compressed and it must have two valves or shells connected by a dorsal hinge. The two shells completely enclose the body. Other members of the class Bivalvia are clams, oysters and mussels. The class Bivalvia falls under a larger classification which contains other classes as well. This is known as a phylum. The phylum to which the bivalvia belong is known as Mollusca. The phylum Mollusca are some of the most well known invertebrates, or organisms without backbones. Members of this phyla are found in the sea, fresh water and on land. Molluscs have been around since the precambrian era, over 500 hundred million years ago! They are distinguished by the presence of a muscular foot, gills and a calcareous shell secreted by an underlying integument called the mantle. Some well-known members of this phyllum include scallops
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scallop_1 - ~ A scallop is a member of the class Bivalvia....

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