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A live, satellite-televised educational program for middle school science students. Audience: Grades 5-8 Subject Areas: Earth, Life, Physical, and Integrated Science Program length: 30 minutes Presenters: Dr. Norm Blake, Professor, University of South Florida's Department of Marine Science Dr. Bill Arnold, Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Protection's Florida Marine Research Institute Sl;rand .1he namre of matter 'j'~ -energy -pro ces se~thalsha ~the - earth . proces~e~of1ife -how.} withth e i re nVi.r ' on m e nt. . -the nature ofsci.ence Course content: We are about to embark on a wonderful journey into the watery world of the scallop. What is a scallop and where does it live? Where do baby scallops come from? Why do these curious creatures with blue eyes need our help? Hovf can we help? The next three lectures will answer these questions for us, and more. They will enable us to understand what aquaculture is and how it may be utilized to attain two different
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