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Discussion Questions A~ctivities 1. Name two ways in which a scallop moves? (larve move with water currents and ad~ts have jet prop~sion by rapidly opening and closing its valves) 1. Label the pa:rts of a scallop. (see teacher/stud~nt worksheet inset) 2. Scallop (:oo]l{ Off- each student should look for different scallop recipes that they find in various cook books or on the internet. Compare differ4~nt uses for scallops. 2. How can you determine the top side of a scallop? ( Note growth of algae and fouling organisims on top side) 3. Have the snldents do a research project on ~,callops. Some ideas are: 3. What part of a scallop do Americans eat? (Only muscle,
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Unformatted text preview: Europeans eat whole animal)-the effects of JPollution on the scallop popLlla1tion 4. What does a scallop eat? (plankton)-the effect!; oj: phytoplankton blooms on 1he scallop population 5. What eats a scallop? (Starfish, carnivorous snails, stingrays and some fish) aquacultw 'e life cycle 6. How can you tell a male from a female? (they are both male and female) 7. What Phylum is a scallop in? (Mollusca) 8. How long does a Bay Scallop live? (two years) 9. Where does a scallop live? ( seagrass beds) 10. Do scallops have a future in Florida? (discuss habitat and development) 20...
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