sp00u3vocab - Vocabulary aquatic living or growing in water...

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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary aquatic: living or growing in water arboreal: of or pertaining to the trees; treelike bill: the parts of a bird’s jaws that are covered with a horny or leathery sheath; beak brackish water: a mixture of salt water and fresh water found in estuaries circulation: the transmission or passage of anything from place to place, or person to person clone: a population of individuals genetically identical to the unit or individual form; a person or thing, that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, etc. colonies: a group of organisms of the same kind living or growing in close association coralline: composed of coral or having the structure of coral deciduous: the kind of trees that lose their leaves once a year detritus: rock in small particles or other material worn or broken away from a mass, as by the action of water, or glacial ice; debris detritovores: organisms that eat debris, or detritus ecosystem: a community of living organisms embayments: a bay, or a baylike formation endangered: threatened with extinction; exposed to danger epiphytes: a plant that grows above the ground, supported by the structure of another plant or object, and deriving its nutrients and water from rain, the air, dust, etc....
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sp00u3vocab - Vocabulary aquatic living or growing in water...

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