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Unit Two Fisheries Management Project Oceanography Spring 2001 24 Bill Halstead Research Administrator Fisheries Assessment Fisheries Stock Enhancement Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Bachelor of Science Degree, Marine Biology Eckerd College Bill retired at the grade of Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force after twenty years of service. He earned his associate’s degree in Biological Science from St. Petersburg Jr. College in 1981 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Eckerd College in 1984.
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Unformatted text preview: Currently he directs the FWC Fisheries Stock Enhancement Program and manages the Port Manatee saltwater hatchery located in Manatee county Florida. He works closely with Mote Marine Laboratory and the University of South Florida using his experience as a marine biologist and aquaculturalist to help assess and design marine stock enhancement programs. He also oversees the culturing of saltwater game fish and bivalves while helping to design and implement new hatchery construction....
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