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sp02ack - pROJEEaTnOgmphy Acknowledgements Project...

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Unformatted text preview: pROJEEaTnOgmphy Acknowledgements Project Oceanography Acknowledgements Principal Investigator & Executive Producer: Paula Coble, Ph.D Co-Principal Investigators: Teresa Greely, M.S., & Margaret Hewitt, Ph.D. Program Coordinator/Producer: Tracy Christner Producer: Robin Cooper Curriculum Specialist/Writer: Cyndy Leard, M.Ed. Editor: Paula Coble, Ph.D. Graphics: Chad Edmisten Clipart by Microsoft Staff Assistant: Lori Pillsbury Webmaster: Scott Milroy Show Hosts Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Introduction to the Sanctuam Sarah Fangman, M.A. & Dave Siegel, Ph.D. Rocky Intertidal Zone Carol Blanchette, Ph.D. Kelp Forests Julie Bursek, M.S. & Miriam Polne-Fuller, Ph.D. Marine Reserves Satie Airame, Ph.D. & Laura Francis, M..A Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Introduction to Sanctuam Research Dawn Hayes, B.S. Jellies George Matsumoto, Ph.D. Cold Seeps Jim Barry, Ph.D. Single-celled Organisms Michelle Wood, Ph.D. Deep-Sea Sediment Coring Cindy Pilskaln, Ph.D. ©Project Oceanography Spring 2002 ...
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