sp02u2vocab - Unit Two MBNMS Monterey Bay Vocabulary...

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Unit Two MBNMS ©Project Oceanography Spring 2002 70 Monterey Bay Vocabulary Aerobic -pertaining to an organism that must live in the presence of oxygen Algae -aquatic, photosynthetic organisms ranging from single-celled forms to the giant kelp Anaerobic- pertaining to an organism that lives without atmospheric oxygen Autotroph -an organism that produces its own food Bacteria -microscopic one-celled organisms that lack a cell nucleus Baleen -elastic horny material that makes up the fringed plates found in the upper jaw of cetaceans; This material is used to strain plankton from the water. Budding -a form of asexual reproduction; Outgrowths may form on the parent and later separate from the parent and become new organisms. Some organisms put out “runners” that then create new individuals. Others, like sea anemones, walk around and leave little pieces behind that then form new anemones. Chemosynthesis -the production of organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water using energy from chemical reactions rather than from sunlight Cnidaria -a phylum of gelatinous animals with stinging cells Community -a group of organisms living and interacting with one another in a specific region Cornea -the eye’s transparent covering
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sp02u2vocab - Unit Two MBNMS Monterey Bay Vocabulary...

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