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What is an Oceanographer? An oceanographer is a global scientist that studies a wide variety of topics. One might be a biologist, chemist, physicist, geologist, engineer, mathematician, computer scientist, meteorologist or YOU! Oceanographers are a group of people that work together worldwide to expand the knowledge of the global ocean and educate others about ocean processes. earthquak~ s. A biological oceanograI,her is interested in how plants and animals develop, relate to one anoth~r , adapt and interact with the ocean c~nvironment. The newest area of biological oceanography is marine mo:.ecular biology. These oceanograI,hers are interested in recovering resources for biotechnol(lgy, making sure that responses to pollution problems are the best aD d most environmentally sound, as ,veIl as developing methods to restock our oceans supplies and the best ac;uaculture techniques are available ill ld used. Who do Oceanographer's work with? OCeanOltTapher's work with policy makers, so ~ial scientists, educators, and businesses to develop effective ways of managing and maintaining our ocean reSOllfces. Through continued research, n ~w technology, and combined t:fforts, we are learning how the oceans affect life and the future of our planet. ""'" What makl ~S a good oceanographer? Oceanol~raphers must share an excitement! curiosity and sense of adventure in exploring planet Earth's largest environment. It is really beneficial to develop good communic~ tion skills and to work effectively is a team member. Not to mention enjoying a challenge and being perseverin~ even when times become
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sp98careers - What is an Oceanographer? An oceanographer is...

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