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Unformatted text preview: ROIECT ceanography Careers - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Unit V: Lesson l-Careers Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute The Harbor Branch Each career encompasses many Oceanographic different disciplines, and employs a Institute has many diversity of people, at a variety of career educational and skill levels. The opportunities. main goal of HBOI is to increase Harbor Branch is knowledge of the oceans and located on the east coast of southern improve man’s ability to protect and Florida in Fort Pierce. utilize these resources. Examples of Careers in Oceanography at HBOI The following is a list of the careers in oceanography that are found at HBOI. Other oceanographic institutes are likely to have ones similar to those found at HBOI. These include: Marine Biology Marine Geology Aquaculture and Aquaculture Physical Oceanography Techniques Marine Education Ocean Engineering Marine Policy Operation of Oceanographic Fleet Environmental Analysis and Testing Marine Chemistry Preparing for a Career in Marine Sciences A career in the Marine Sciences is science and computer science an exciting and rewarding courses are offered, take them also. experience. The question that many Finally, seek out practical, “hands- young people ask is “How do I on“ experiences prepare for a career in this field?” to find out if you First, take as many science and like the work. math courses as you can in high Opportunities school and college. It is important to exist for pass the courses and learn volunteers, and fundamental concepts. Secondly, in some paid college it is important to major in a internships all basic science (biology, chemistry, over the physics, or earth science). If marine country. ©Project Oceanography 62 Careers- Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute . w... m‘mW-m.mmn .... -mtwaflu,.mwmmmmmmwmmm.mmm a! _ ROIECT ceanogmphy Careers - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Careers in Marine Science at HBOI Careers in the marine sciences are not limited to working with animals, or in the laboratory. Some careers that are available at HBOI include Institutional Management, Technical staff, Support Staff, as well as scientists and engineers. Individuals in Institutional Management positions act as administrators who direct and supervise overall operations of research laboratories, while the technical staff oversees the daily performance of scientific studies and technology. Scientists design and supervise projects that advance knowledge and develop new technologies. Staff at this level must write and obtain grants and contracts to fund work, teach, and oversee students. A support staff position is very important to a marine science facililty. These are the facilities and grounds maintenance and operation positions. Secretarial and administrative support for scientists, engineers and managers are included in this group. Outlook for Employment Research funding results in some uncertainity in making a statement of the number of jobs that will be available in upcoming years, but opportunities always exist in all fields. Physical science and interdisciplinary areas are currently two fields where more scientists and staff are necessary. A Closer Look If you are interested in exploring HBOI, tours of the center are available at 10:00 am, noon and 2:00 daily, excluding some holidays. The address for Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is J.Seward Johnson Marine Education and Conference Center, 5600 US. 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946. The phone number is (561 )-465-2400, ext. 500. The staff at HBOI may also ©Project Oceanography 63 be contacted via e-mail: [email protected] If you are not in the Fort Pierce, FL area and are interested in a marine or aquatic career, call a local center, aquarium or preserve for a tour! Also, visit the intemet for locations to find out more information about marine science careers and internships. Careers- Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute PROJECT ceanogmphy Careers - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Where do | Find Information about Marine Science Careers? For information about marine science careers, visit your local internet browser and type in the words “Careers in Marine Science”. This will lead you to thousands of links about where you may obtain information on marine science careers and education. The following were found there: General information about careers in Marine Science URL: www.vims.edu/adv/ed/careers/ URL: www.marinecareers.net/careerpub.htm URL: www.fortbragg.k12.ca.us/AG/careers.html URL: www.aqua.org/education/careers/trngtips.html Aguatic Network: Career Resources "Education and Training Programs in Oceanography and Related Fields" This publication from the Marine Technology Society covers information from 261 colleges and universities as well as 27 technical schools. URL: www.aquanet.com/busdir/jobs/resource.htm 1-888-51-OCEAN. Or, e-mail us at [email protected] We will answer your questions either via e-mail, or on the air during a broadcast. ’/ If you find any interesting facts, or have any questions that you would like to share with the staff at Project Oceanography, please feel free to call us at % \ Visit our website at http://www.marine.usf.edu/pjocean ©Project Oceanography 64 Careers- Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute ...
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sp99u6le1 - ROIECT ceanography Careers - Harbor Branch...

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