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Unformatted text preview: BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS CHAPTER 61G15-18 ORGANIZATION AND PURPOSE 61G15-18.001 Purpose. (Repealed) 61G15-18.002 Board of Organization and Officers. (Repealed) 61G15-18.003 Administrative Headquarters. (Repealed) 61G15-18.004 Committees. (Repealed) 61G15-18.005 Probable Cause Determination. 61G15-18.006 Official Seal of the Board. (Repealed) 61G15-18.007 Board Meetings. (Repealed) 61G15-18.0071Attendance at Board Meetings, Unexcused Absences. 61G15-18.008 Adoption of Model Rules of Procedure. 61G15-18.009 Official Records. (Repealed) 61G15-18.010 Approved Schools and Colleges. 61G15-18.011 Definitions. 61G15-18.012 Other Board Business for Which Compensation Is Allowed. 61G15-18.013 Criteria for Investigators and Consultants. (Repealed) 61G15-18.014 Joint Architecture and Engineering Committee Rule. (Repealed) 61G15-18.015 Education Advisory Committee. 61G15-18.005 Probable Cause Determination. (1) Probable cause determination as to a violation of Chapter 471, or 455, F.S., and rules promulgated pursuant thereto shall be made by a probable cause panel of three (3) board members or two (2) board members and one (1) past board member. Said members shall be appointed as a standing probable cause committee at the first board meeting of each calendar year and shall serve for a period of one (1) year. All proceedings of the probable cause panel shall be conducted in accordance with Chapters 120 and 455, F.S. (2) Notwithstanding the procedure outlined in subsection (1) above, the Board hereby delegates to the Department the determination of probable cause when the only charge that otherwise would go before the probable cause panel is that of failure to comply with the Board’s final order pursuant to Section 471.033(1)(k), F.S., and paragraph 61G15-19.001(6)(o), F.A.C. Should an investigation support charges in addition to the failure to comply with the Board’s final order, the case shall be presented to the probable cause panel for a determination of probable cause. Specific Authority 455.225 FS. Law Implemented 455.225 FS. History–New 1-8-80, Amended 4-5-81, Formerly 21H-18.05, 21H- 18.005, Amended 11-15-94, 1-6-02. 61G15-18.0071 Attendance at Board Meetings, Unexcused Absences. (1) Board members shall attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings unless prevented from doing so by reason of court order, subpoena, business with a court which has the sole prerogative of setting the date of such business, conflict with other scheduled business of the Board, conflicting business previously authorized by the Board, death of family member, illness of the Board member, hospitalization of the member’s immediate family, unavoidable travel delays or cancellations, or other extraordinary circumstances as approved by the Board....
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