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“Mini-Exam” for Senior Project Fall 2002 >>> SOLUTIONS <<< Welcome to your 10% exam for Senior Project. The time for this exam is 75 minutes. You may have with you the course assigned textbook and a one page “formula sheet”. On this one page sheet (which may be front and back on an 8.5x11in sheet of paper) you may have anything (even the answers to last semesters exam) you want generated by you in HANDWRITING. You may not have photocopies or computer generated content on your one page sheet. Carefully follow instructions . If a question states to “State your answer in two sentences.” this means that only the first two sentences of your answer will be read and graded. If you copy the answer directly out of the textbook (or some other source), be sure to properly “quote” the answer (otherwise it is assumed that any answer is given in your own words). There are 8 questions, each one worth 12 points (there are 4 points in this exam just for filling-in this cover sheet and submitting it on top of your answer sheets). It works best for you and me (with respect to grading) if you answer each problem on a separate sheet of paper. Problem #1 Answer the following questions about the development process: a) Describe the standard development process. List the steps and show the inter-relationship between the steps Requirements -> Specification -> Design -> Implementation -> Test -> Manufacture -> Distribution -> Maintenance -> End-of-life. Feedback from Test to Design (verification) and Test to Requirements (validation). b) Describe the purpose of a prototype demonstration
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examold2 - Mini-Exam for Senior Project Fall 2002 >...

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