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Take Home Mini-Exam for Senior Project Spring 2005 >>> SOLUTIONS <<< Welcome to your 10% mini-exam for Senior Project . The exam is open book and notes, also open Internet (you may google, etc.). However, you may not receive or give help from or to another person by discussing the exam in any way. If you copy the answer directly out of the textbook (or some other source, such as a website), be sure to properly “quote” the answer (otherwise it is assumed that any answer is given in your own words). There are six questions (each worth 16 points – there are 4 points overall for “free”) and one extra credit question worth 10 points. The exam is targeted for 75 minutes – about 12 minutes per question. Please fill-in this cover sheet and submit it on top of your answer sheets. Please use a separate sheet of paper for each question. It is OK (actually, I would prefer it ) to type the answers (i.e., to use a word processor on a computer). Please read the entire exam before starting to answer any questions – there are two pages. Problem #1 Answer the following questions about the product development process… a) Sketch the product development process as we have discussed and followed it in this class. (validation) +-> Requirements || |V | Specification (verification)+---> Design | | ((Prototype Demo)) | Implementation +------Test | V Manufacture | V Distribute | V Maintenance | V End-of-Life b) What is incremental development? Incremental development – or progressive refinement - is one where every day you are measurably and visibility closer to the goal of shipping your product by building your product one step at a time. Typically, you will have many sub-release phases or versions (say, version 0.1, 0.2, and so on) where each phase implements more function (i.e., covers more requirement or specification items).
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examold6 - Take Home Mini-Exam for Senior Project Spring...

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