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Mini-Exam for Senior Project Spring 2009 >>> SOLUTIONS <<< Welcome to the Mini Exam for Senior Project . Read each problem carefully. There are six required problems (each worth 16 points – you get 4 points for following these instructions correctly). There is also an additional extra credit question worth 10 points. You may have with you for reference a legally acquired copy of Brooks’ Mythical Man Month (that is, our course textbook) and one 8.5 x 11 inch “formula sheet”. On this formula sheet you may have anything you want (definitions, formulas, homework answers, old exam answers, etc.) as handwritten by you on both sides of the sheet. Photocopies, scans, or computer generated/printed text are not allowed on this sheet. You may not share material or give help during the exam. You have 75 minutes for the exam. Please use a separate sheet of paper for each question. Good luck and be sure to show your work! Use of a laptop for completing the exam: These problems require a lot of writing. If you are like me, you can type better than you can write by hand. So, I will allow you to use your laptop to type the answers to this exam. At the end of 75 minutes I will ask you to hand-in to me your thumb drive with your exam file (name the file with your last name). We will then go up to my office and print-out your exam (and return the thumb drive to you). It is your responsibility to make sure your file is properly saved and not "eaten by the computer". During the exam you may only have your word processor open to your exam answers file, and nothing else. You will be asked to turn-off the wireless (WiFi) in your laptop. The exam will be proctored from the back of the room. Anyone opening-up a Web browser or otherwise displaying a file that is not the exam solution text will receive a zero for the exam. Problem #1 Sketch the product development process as we have discussed and followed it in this class. (validation) +-> Requirements | | | V | Specification | | | V (verification)+---> Design | | (Prototype Demo) | V | Implementation | | | V +------Test | V Manufacture | V Distribute | V Maintenance | V End-of-Life 1 point for each item and transition
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Problem #2 Answer the following two questions regarding project documents: a) Describe the key attributes of a requirements document, specification document, and test plan as discussed in class. That is, explain the purpose of each document and what it must contain. For the test plan, describe the key components or parts of a test case.
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