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Mini-Exam for Senior Project Spring 2010 >>> SOLUTIONS <<< Welcome to the Mini Exam for Senior Project . Read each problem carefully. There are six required problems (each worth 16 points - you get 4 points for following these instructions correctly). There is also an additional extra credit question worth 10 points. You may have with you for reference a legally acquired copy of Brooks' Mythical Man Month (that is, our course textbook) and anything else you want on paper (notes from guest lectures, print outs of old exams, and etc. are all legal). However, you may not use any electronic media (laptops, smart phones, etc. are all illegal) during the exam. You may not share material or give help during the exam. You have 90 minutes for the exam. Please answer your questions in the space provided on the exam sheets. Good luck! Problem #1 Answer the following general questions about the development process (as taught in this class). a) What step comes before the End of Life step? Maintenance b) What step comes after Specification step? Design c) What is the difference between Validation and Verification? Validation tests against the requirements (did we build the right thing?), verification tests against the specification (did we built it right?). d) Where does the Prototype Demo come into play (that is, between which steps)? Between the Design and Implementation steps. e) The first step is the Requirements step. What might another name for this step be (Hint: Brooks’ uses another name for it). Objectives. f) What are some of the considerations for the End of Life step for a software product? The ability to transition easily to the next version or release is key. If this transition is not easy, customers may
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