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Some essential vocabulary for SOS 3022 Mollic – Dark epipedon, high organic matter, thick, high base saturation (>50%) Ochric – Pale epipedon, thin, low base saturation Umbric - Dark epipedon, like mollic, lower base saturation than mollic (<50%) Melanic – epipedon similar to mollic in color and thickness, formed from volcanic ash Plaggen – manured epipedon Anthropic –human developed epipedon Cambic – Weakly developed subsurface horizon, development of color, structure (Bw horizon) Spodic – Subsurface accumulation of organic matter (Bh horizon) Argillic – Subsurface accumulation of clay illuviated or formed in place (Bt horizon) Albic- “white”, subsurface elluvial horizon (E horizon) not all E horizons are albic Oxic – horizon of oxidized iron and or aluminum, resistant materials, highly developed (Bo) Smectite – highly reactive, sticky, plastic clay mineral Clay – mineral fraction with diameter < 0.002mm Kaolinite – weakly reactive, non-sticky, non-plastic clay mineral
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