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MAN 6782 – ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR THE 21 ST CENTURY Summer 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Dan Marlin, Ph.D. OFFICE: PNM 104B OFFICE PHONE: (727) 873-4946 CELL PHONE: (813) 486-7299 OFFICE HOURS: M 3-5pm, T 12-1pm, and by appointment FAX: (727) 873-4192 HOMEPAGE: EMAIL: COURSE INFO: MAN 6782-693, MW 6:00pm-9:20pm, STG 112 Course Description, Prerequisites, and Grade Requirements: An integrated course that ties together concepts, principles, and skills useful in strategic management and strategic direction making with issues of ethics and responsibility in organizations in the 21st century. Prerequisites: USF St. Petersburg undergraduate prerequisite classes and good standing in USF SP MBA program. Course Objective(s): At the end of this course, the student should understand important topics central to organizational strategy and decision making, be able to apply theories and concepts to practical situations and be sensitive to tensions driven by ethics and social responsibility aspects of decisions and actions. Specifically, students should: 1) Understand and be able to apply theories, tools and methods for a dynamic approach to strategic management in today’s organizational environment 2) Gain and apply knowledge of strategic factors important for management and decision making through course assignments and via written report and oral presentation assignments using organizational theories, analysis, and critical thinking tools. 3) Understand how strategic management and decision making is situated in a milieu of value- positions that compete for consideration in firms’ decisions and operations; be aware of multiple views of strategy 4) Cultivate sensitivity to issues of ethics and social responsibility, and broaden awareness of issues of globalization 5) Enhance written and oral communication skills in practice via class assignments, gain experience working in teams, exercise integration of theory and practice, and be able to recommend solutions for strategic management problems that managers face.
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Required Materials: 1) Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization - Concepts, 9 th Ed (2011). (M. A. Hitt, R. D. Ireland, and R. E. Hoskisson), South-Western Cengage Learning (ISBN: 978-0- 538-75309-8). 2) Business Strategy Game Online, 2011 Edition (A. A. Thompson, Jr., G. J. Stappenbeck and M. A. Reidenbach) McGraw-Hill Irwin ( ). 3) Additional readings, some of which you may be required to purchase, will be assigned throughout the semester. These readings will be clearly identified on my website. Grading: 3 Exams (200 points each) 600 points BSG Simulation 200 points Article Write-ups 100 points Presentations 100 points TOTAL 1000 points Determination of Final Course Grade: Course Grade Course Requirements A 93% or 930 points A- 90% or 900 points B+ 87% or 870 points B 83% or 830 points B- 80% or 800 points C+ 77% or 770 points C 73% or 730 points C- 70% or 700 points
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Marlin6782Summer2011Syllabus - MAN 6782 ORGANIZATIONAL...

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