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Spring 2011 GEB6930 – Organizational Strategies for the 21 st Century Group Written Project Outline/Guidelines 1) A review of the strategic and financial performance of your company during the time you and your co- managers have run the company. This review should consist of a discussion of your company’s performance, trends in your company’s performance, and comparisons of your performance and performance trends to other companies. Measures that you should examine include: annual total revenues, annual earnings per share (EPS), annual return on equity investment (ROE), annual credit rating, year-end stock price, annual image rating, and annual market share. (Tables and/or Graphs) 2) Describe your strategic vision and mission for the company. 3) Describe your company's competitive strategy for the internet market in some detail and how that strategy has evolved over the years you have managed the company. If your company's strategy for the internet market varies markedly from geographic region to geographic region then discuss each
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