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MAN4282Exam1LearningObjectives - MAN 4282 Exam 1 Learning...

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MAN 4282 – Exam 1 Learning Objectives Chapter 1 What is an organization? How does an organization create value? Define organizational environment. Identity and be familiar with 5 reasons why organizations exist. Define economies of scale and economies of scope. Define organizational theory, organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational design, and organizational changes and explain how these terms are related. Identity and explain 4 reasons why organizational design and change are important. Define contingency, competitive advantage, core competence, and strategy. What are the consequences of poor organizational design? Identity and explain 3 approaches to measuring organizational effectiveness. Why is organizational effectiveness important? How can organizational goals be used to measure effectiveness? Define official goals, mission, and operative goals. Explain Figure 1.1 and Table 1.1. Chapter 2 Define stakeholders, inducements, and contributions. Identify the various stakeholder groups and their interests or claims on an organization.
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  • Summer '08
  • Staff
  • Organizational studies and human resource management, Organizational studies, Theory of the firm, Define official goals

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