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MAN 4282 – ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTOR: Dan Marlin, Ph.D. OFFICE: PNM 104B OFFICE PHONE: (727) 873-4946 CELL PHONE: (813) 486-7299 OFFICE HOURS: FAX: (727) 873-4192 HOMEPAGE: EMAIL: COURSE INFO: Course Description and Prerequisites: The analysis and measurement of factors which influence organizational effectiveness and the quality of work life. Data based cases will be used by students to assess managerial and supervisory skills and to measure organizational functioning and work design. Prerequisites: MAN 3240. Course Objective(s): (1) To develop an understanding of the purpose of organizations and of how to measure organizational effectiveness. (2) To develop an understanding of how to manage organizational design and change. (3) To develop an understanding of how organizations affect, and are affected by, their environments. (4) To develop an understanding of principles of organizational design and change that managers use to improve the match or fit of an organization with its environment. Required Textbook: Organizational Theory, Design, and Change 6 th Edition, (G. R. Jones), Pearson Prentice Hall (ISBN: 0-13-608731-0). Grading: 3 Exams (200 -250 points each) 650 points Exam 1 (200 points) Exam 2 (250 points) Exam 3 (200 points) In-Class Case Exercises 150 points Group Case Analysis Project 100 points Individual Case Analysis Project 100 points TOTAL 1000 points Determination of Final Course Grade:
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Course Grade Course Requirements A 93% or 930 points A- 90% or 900 points B+ 87% or 870 points B 83% or 830 points B- 80% or 800 points C+ 77% or 770 points C 73% or 730 points C- 70% or 700 points D 65% or 650 points F <65% or 650 points Course Policies (Attendance, Preparation, and Participation): Successful completion of this course will require that you attend class, prepare for class, and participate during class on a consistent basis. Excessive unexcused absences, with excessive defined as more than 1 absence, will result in up to a 5% reduction of your final class average for each absence. Showing up late and leaving early will each count as half of an absence and will result in up to a 2.5% reduction in your final course grade for each occurrence. Please turn off all cell phones before entering the classroom. Finally, text-messaging and surfing the Internet is not
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This note was uploaded on 07/31/2011 for the course MAN 4282 taught by Professor Staff during the Summer '08 term at University of South Florida - Tampa.

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Marlin4282Summer2009Syllabus - MAN 4282 ORGANIZATIONAL...

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