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Ch4LearnObj - What is the real value or the strategic...

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MGMT4890 There are lots of lists in this chapter. I do not expect you to memorize them but I do expect you to be familiar with them. I will explain this further in class. Chapters 4 – Evaluating a Company’s Resources and Competitive Position Learning Objectives What are the 5 questions of evaluating company resources and competitive capabilities and what are the implications of answering these questions? Why is it important to figure out how well your present strategy is working and how can you go about answering this question? What is a SWOT analysis? What are resource strengths, resources weaknesses, market opportunities, and threats? What are company competencies, core competencies, and distinctive competencies? How can you determine the competitive value of a company resource? Why should strategy be matched to company strengths and weaknesses?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the real value or the strategic implications of doing a SWOT analysis? Why is it important to determine whether or not your company’s costs and prices are competitive? What is a company value chain and why is it important? Identify and describe the different primary and support activities that make up a company’s value chain? What is an industry value chain? What are activity-based costing and benchmarking and what role do they play in answering the question: are your company’s costs and prices competitive? How can benchmarking be used to improve a firm’s cost position? What other strategic options do firms have for remedying a cost disadvantage? What is a competitive strength assessment? Why is it important to identify the strategic issues that your company faces?...
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