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MGMT4890 Chapters 10 – Building a Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution Learning Objectives: What is strategy implementation/execution, what does it involve, and why is it so important? How does strategy implementation differ from strategy formulation? Who is responsible for strategy implementation? Identify the 8 principle strategy-implementing tasks? Who should lead the implementation process and why is leadership so important for effective strategy implementation? What is involved with building a capable organization? What is involved with staffing the organization and why is staffing the organization
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Unformatted text preview: important? Why is it important to build core competencies and competitive capabilities and why is the building of core competencies/competitive capabilities and important part of strategy implementation? What is organizational structure? What is meant by matching organization structure to strategy and why is it important? Identify and describe in some detail the 5 considerations (see Figure 11.3) for developing an organizational structure. What characteristics are organizational structures of the future likely to have?...
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