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MGMT4890 Chapters 11 – Managing Internal Operations Learning Objectives: Identify and describe each of the 5 strategy implementation tasks in chapter 12. For each one, describe what is involved and why it is important. What is involved in the resource allocation/budgeting process and why is it important? What are policies and procedures and what are they used for? What do the terms best practices and continuous improvement mean and why are they important for good strategy implementation?
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Unformatted text preview: What are best practices, benchmarking, TQM, Six Sigma Quality Control, and business process reengineering and how can they be used to promote strategy execution? What is the difference between TQM and business process reengineering? What are information and operating systems and what are they used for? What is the role of reward systems in organizations and why are they so important? Why is it important to link reward systems to strategically relevant performance outcomes?...
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