Exam #1 Study Guide

Exam #1 Study Guide - INDV 101: Structure of Mind and...

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Unformatted text preview: INDV 101: Structure of Mind and Behavior Study guide for exam 1 Q uestions from syllabus: What is your instructor's name? Suzanne or Dr. Delaney If you had a question about the grade you got on an exam or assignment - which TA would you ask? Amanda Brody How many research participation credits are required? 8 What happens if you don't complete them all by the end of the term? You receive an incomplete till credits are earned. If credits are not received/completed by the following semester, you will get an E in the course. How many essay assignments are required - when will you receive those? 10 writing assignments are assigned. If you complete all 10, they take the top 7 scores. Thus, you must have at least a total of 7 graded writing assignments. You dont know when these assignments are going to be assigned, sometimes during class and sometimes as homework. Are make-up exams ever given? - and if so, when? Yes, you can make-up an exam, if its an emergency (medical, family. Etc.), but you must show proof. If you know ahead of time that you will be missing an exam, you can schedule to take it early. What is the policy on cheating and plagiarism? No allowed. Receive a failing grade. How did the rat/man demonstration on the first day of class demonstrate that "Expectations affect your perceptions of the world? Social Psychology What is social psychology? Social psychology the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another. We adjust our behavior or even our thinking to get along with others around us. We act differently around other people. Conformity (Asch) adjusting our behavior or thinking to coincide with a group standard. Conformity is changing or adopting a behavior or an attitude in order to be consistent with the social norms of a group or the expectations of other people. Experiment: Which line matches the length of the standard line? (class demonstration) Eight male participants were seated around a large table and asked, one-by-one, to tell the experimenter which one of the lines matched the standard line. All but one of the participants was confederates; they were told an incorrect line to choose. First two times trails no disagreement. Then, on the third trial, everyone agreed it was one of the other lines (the wrong answer). What happened? The participants conformed to what the majority agreed upon, whether it was the wrong or right answer. More than 33% of subjects agreed with the group (even though they knew that the group was wrong). In Aschs classic study on conformity, 5% of the participants went along with the incorrect, unanimous majority all the time; 70% went along some of the time; and 25% remained completely independent. 6 Factors Likely to Affect this Outcome:- If subject is made to feel insecure....
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Exam #1 Study Guide - INDV 101: Structure of Mind and...

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