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GLY 2030 Recitation, Activity #1, KEY, page 1 of 5 GLY2030, Recitation --- Activity #1: Geography and Geology--KEY Suggested organization: 15 minutes: take roll, explain how course works 10 minutes: students in groups attempt to identify features on world map 5 minutes: go over these features with overhead projector, making sure all students have them right 5 minutes: explain next activity to end of class: students work on Middle East activity 1. Outline map of the world. Work in groups of 4 students. On the outline map (see attachments), locate the following geographic/geologic features. Andes Mountains Iceland Hawaii Alps Cascade Mountains Yellowstone Greenland East African Rift Aleutian Islands Japan Kamchatka Himalaya Mountains Sumatra Bangladesh Iraq Myanmar 2. Outline map of the Middle East. Continue to work in groups of 4 students . On the outline map provided (attachments) identify the following countries and other geographic features: Egypt Saudi Arabia Iraq Iran Turkey Israel Syria Lebanon Yemen Oman United Arab Emirates Jordan Red Sea Mediterranean Sea Persian Gulf Indian Ocean 3. Study the three general maps of the Middle East: Topography
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map activity-KEY - GLY2030, Recitation - Activity #1:...

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