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RFP (Request for Proposals) The (fictional) Western Geology Association solicits proposals leading to the possible award of contracts for pilot studies in western geology. Funded projects will be one-year, field-based, exploratory projects on any topic of interest to the broad earth science community. Eligibility : First- or second-year graduate students in any field of earth science, including geology, environmental science, and oceanography. Description of program objectives : The Western Geology Association (WGA) is an agency comprised of representatives from local and state governments, private industry, and educational institutions located in the western United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. It was founded in 2004 to promote field research in the western US leading to an increased understanding and management of the natural resources found there. These resources, which include air, biologic, geologic, and cultural resources, are increasingly threatened by expanding populations and environmental degradation. The WGA believes that field research is an essential component of
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