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Assign I’m one of those instructors who does the n picture and hand it back to me. In this assignment you will create a digital n Follow the procedure below. Most parts wi This Assignment will require you to use Mic interface update as of Windows 7. All Circa many people are running an earlier version earlier version of Windows (Left) and one fo Note: This project can be complet using Windows 7 and repla I. 1) Go to “ ”. 2) Place your mouse over the words “Gato Internet Explorer – Window nment 00 – Digital Note Card note card thing… you know, fill out information on a note card (instead of a physical one) and email it to m ill be familiar to the average computer user. icrosoft WordPad and possibly MS Paint all of which a Machines [Circa provides Free UF Computer Labs] n n of Windows. Therefore, I have provided two sets o for Windows 7 (Right). ed using Microsoft Word 2007 or later, just follow t ace WordPad with Word. Download your UFID Picture! torlink Login”, it will turn from gray to blue. ws XP Firefox – Win Page 1 of 12 an index card and attach a me at have had a major now run Windows 7 but f pictures, one for an the same instructions for indows 7
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Click it. You will now be at a GatorLink l 4) Type in your “Username” and “Passwor E-learning, Sakai, Isis, or My UFL. Internet Explorer – Window 5) It may ask if you want to send unencryp also ask you to “save your password”, d 6) At the top left, you will see your UFID p 7) Select “Save Image As” or “Save Picture Internet Explorer – Window login page. rd”, it’s the same information you would use to logi ws XP Firefox – Win pted information. Select “Continue” because what c do whatever you normally do when your browser as picture. Place your mouse over it and right click . e As…”.
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Assignment00 - Page 1 of 12 Assignment 00 Digital Note Card...

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