10260 Group Created Exam 2 Questions SP'11

10260 Group Created Exam 2 Questions SP'11 - Group Created...

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Group Created Exam 2 Questions Group 1 1.) Bobby is studying for his test and having trouble to find out how he wants to accomplish some of the reading activities required and retain some of the material. He decides that he’s going to use his own personal objective to learn and find out if any information relates to some he already knows. Which pre-reading strategy is Bobby using? A. Developing questions to be answered while reading B. Establishing your own goal for the reading assignment C. Summarize what you have read in your own words D. Bridging new information read with already learned material 2.) Little John is having trouble taking notes in class. So he asked his professor what he can do to take better notes. His professor recommends two different methods of taking notes, the Cornell and the SUNY methods. John does some research on the methods and decides to go with the Cornell method. His research on the Cornell method shows him that there are three steps in taking notes in this method. Which one of these is not part of the steps in take notes in the Cornell method? A. Middle of page-notes B. Summary questions C. Thoughts in right margin or bottom D. Summaries in left margin 1.) List and explain at least two reasons for procrastination. How do these reason hinder the student from doing a certain task? Also explain three different ways of eliminating Procrastination. 2.) How can study aids help you to be more effective and efficient? Give an example of a study aid you can use before, during, and after reading a textbook chapter. Describe a study aid that you create and use on your own and why it works for you. Group 2
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10260 Group Created Exam 2 Questions SP'11 - Group Created...

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