Spring 2011 Subject Pool Description

Spring 2011 Subject Pool Description - DESCRIPTION OF THE...

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DESCRIPTION OF THE EDP SUBJECT POOL REQUIREMENT Subject Pool Requirement: Some of the undergraduate courses in the Department of Educational Psychology have a subject pool requirement. By being registered in EDP 310 (Individual Learning Skills), EDP 363 (Human Sexuality), EDP 363M (Adolescent Development) or EDP 371 (Introduction to Statistics), you are part of the subject pool. The pool requirement applies to all students enrolled, even on a credit/no credit basis. Knowledge in our field can advance only through quality research involving humans. Computer simulations and animal research cannot provide sufficient and valid information about how PEOPLE learn, think, and act. This subject pool requirement enables us--faculty and graduate students--to conduct studies we hope will ultimately benefit society. The importance of your assistance in this research--and our appreciation for your participation--cannot be overstated. We also hope that serving as a participant in research will also benefit you. Through participation in a study, you will gain a firsthand understanding of research processes, allowing you the chance to practice your analytical and evaluation skills. Also, the feedback you receive from the study may help you learn more about a specific area of psychology. Specific information about the requirement is listed below. If you have questions or if you would like to discuss this requirement further, please contact Summer Lane, the Subject Pool Coordinator at [email protected]
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Spring 2011 Subject Pool Description - DESCRIPTION OF THE...

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