Wilson Response - Truth is not an individual perception....

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Truth is not an individual perception. There are 66 LORT theatres strung like pearls across this country from Maine to Alaska. Only one of them is dedicated to preserving and promoting black culture. This gives us a theatre not only skewed toward whites and the so-called classical values of European theatre, but one that impedes the development of a truly American theatre and ignores the contributions being made by others of various ethnic and racial backgrounds. The American theatre is not the property of any one race or culture. To have a theatre that promotes the values of black Americans, our hard-won survival and prosperity, that addresses ways of life that are peculiar to us, that investigates our personalities and social intercourse and philosophical thought, is not to be outside of the American theatre or Western theatre any more than Ibsen and Chekhov's explorations of Norwegian and Russian culture make them outsiders-- or David Mamet's insightful and provocative explorations of white American culture make him an outsider. Yet the influence and contributions of black Americans are not recognized by any gain in material culture that would allow us to further develop our arts and establish control over their dissemination. We are being strangled by our well- meaning friends. Money spent "diversifying" the American theatre, developing black audiences for white institutions, developing ideas of colorblind casting, only strengthens and solidifies this stranglehold by making our artists subject to the paternalistic notions of white institutions that dominate and control the art. Doing a black play or allowing blacks to have roles not written for them does not change the nature of the institution or its mission. Blacks come and go and the institution remains dedicated to its ideas of "preserving culture and promoting
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Wilson Response - Truth is not an individual perception....

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