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Move-Out Form for Apartment Inspectors The amount next to the item description is the average cost associated with the damage. Check the amount next to the item if it should be charged to the resident. Write in a lesser or greater amount depending on the severity of the issue. FRONT ENTRY $275 Door Jamb Replacement $225 Peep Hole $35 Apt # Sign Missing $50 Broken Hardware $35 KITCHEN Heavy (Item) Trash Out $50 Light Trash Out (Per Bag) $10 Full Paint $45 Sheetrock Repair $65 Clean Floor $30 Clean Walls $30 Clean Oven $50 Replace Oven Racks $40 Replace Drip Pans $25 Clean Vent Hood $15 Clean Refrigerator $45 Replace Crisper Tray $60 Clean Freezer $25 Replace Ice Tray $15 Fridge Skin Damage $96 Freezer Skin Damage $58 Clean Dishwasher $15 Clean Microwave $15 Replace Microwave $275 Replace Micro Plate $30 Wipe Out Cabinets $35 Replace Fire Extinguisher $35 Clean Washer & Dryer $35 Clean Laundry Area $35 Clean Linen / Pantry $15 Replace Smoke Alarm $15 Clean Light Fixtures $20 Replace Pendant Light(s) $43 Resurface Countertops $160 LIVING / DINING AREA Heavy (Item) Trash Out
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