Move-Out+Information - Summer is near and we want to ensure...

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Unformatted text preview: Summer is near and we want to ensure that you feel well-informed and prepared for move-out. Before you leave your apartment, no later than your lease end date, there are a couple of things that you and your roommates will need to accomplish. Please read this handout, as it contains important Information regarding your move-out. don’t forget to tidy up... [:1 l:l DEEDS El kitchen appliances cleaned (stovetop, oven, microwave, etc.) kitchen cabinets emptied fridge and cabinets, no food no personal belongings left in kitchen (fridge magnets, utensils, etc.) bathroom fixtures cleaned (toilets, sinks, showers, etc.) bathroom cabinets emptied no personal belongings left in bathroom (towels, hygiene products, etc.) no hangers in closets [:| no dark heavy stains on carpets While not everything is included in this list, you may find it helpful when preparing your apartment for move-out. Leases for the 2010—2011 lease term did not require security deposits. Without a deposit to absorb move-out costs, dollar amounts can add up quickly! Make sure you put in the time and effort to clean your apartment to avoid move-out charges. Make sure there is no trash or personal belongings left in the apartment. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned, and may not be retrieved. Trash out fees will be assessed per item left in the apartment. Any cleaning/ damage charges will be on your electronic Final Account Statement (please see Move-Out 101 for FAS details). UTILITIES Disconnect your electricity with The City at Austin Utilities. They can be reached at (5i 2) 494-9400. You may not disconnect service prior to your lease expiration. This is a violation at your lease contract, and all usage charges will be applied to your rent account, in addition to an early termination tee, it electricity is turned ott early. RENT Summer can be an exciting and busy time especially it you are traveling. It you are leaving the city, state, or country please make arrangements to ensure your rent and water bill charge is paid on time. It you will not have access to the internet, you may pre-pay on iResident or establish an automatic payment to occur when rent is due. late rent will be charged late tees, no exceptions. It you arel 00% move-out at your apartment betore your lease end date (July 3 I ), remember that you are still responsible for rent through the end at your lease. It you are interested in subleasing your apartment tor the summer months, please download the subleasing into guide from the Residents' section at our website www.theb|ocl< Covered Wagon Moving is available for hire! The best part is that they are offering special discounted rates for all Block residents. They will be on-site July 30 and July 31, or you may contact them directly to schedule a \m move-out date and time. res: Boxes If you would like to schedule them in advance, they are offering a special hourly rate for Block residents. On-site they will charge per piece, so if you just need help with the big things, they will be there to help! For additional info. please visit M.O. Envelopes Move-out envelopes will be available in The Block office beginning May 16, 2011. Remember, if you are on a conventional (shared) lease you only need 1 envelope per apartment. All roommates must turn in their keys, clickers, parking permits, 3 y etc. into the 1 envelope. ' roommates. Move-out envelopes wfll remam 1n the office, so all roommates will need to visit the office to complete their portion of the envelope and submit keys, remote clicker, and parking permit (if applicable). forwardingaddress Please make sure to forward your mail to your new home through The U.S. Postal Service The Block does not handle mail service, and will not be able to access or lorward your mail alter you move—out. All correspondence from The Block after you moveout will be through e-mail. Instead of a forwarding address, you will provide (on your moveout envelope) any and all e—mail addresses that pertain to the apartment. Please make sure you write the e-mail legibly on the envelope, and include all e-mails that you would like to receive the FAS. EVERYONE should receive an electronic Final Account Statement (even those with $0 account balances!) ll you do not receive an e-mail regarding your linal balance at The Block within 30-days ol your moveout, or it you have questions regarding your FAS please contact us at [email protected] Unaid balances will be sent to collections. Contact us! 2501 pearl Street, Suite 101 Austin, TX 78705 512.472.2562 [email protected] ...
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Move-Out+Information - Summer is near and we want to ensure...

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