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Sun Hudson Presentation - Sun Hudson Case This case...

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Sun Hudson Case This case involves the patient, Sun Hudson, a baby born with a skeletal malformation called thanatophoric dysplasia. This disorder causes extreme dwarfism and usually brings death within a few months or years. Sun’s mother, Wanda Hudson, received no prenatal care and therefore did not know of the condition until after Sun’s birth. Sun was delivered full term and was immediately placed on a ventilator until the doctors could diagnose him. Once diagnosed, Sun Hudson’s doctors believed it was unethical to continue Sun’s life support, since his chest cavity and lungs would never grow in proportion to the rest of his body, and he would eventually suffocate to death. Were the baby to live, they said, he would always need a ventilator and would therefore always need to be anesthetized. The mental stability of Wanda Hudson, the baby’s mother, came into question based on comments she made regarding being impregnated by the sun. Wanda Hudson was admitted to a psychiatric facility following Sun Hudson’s birth, but she was released three days later. Prior to Sun’s birth, she was able to hold a job as a dental assistant, and Child Protective Services declined to intervene in the case. Because of questions about Wanda Hudson’s mental competence, the hospital decided to
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Sun Hudson Presentation - Sun Hudson Case This case...

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